So as a lot of you may know we are slowly but surely getting ourselves on the various Social Network sites, the key reasoning behind this is so that we can bring you loads more exclusives from behind the scenes when we are at the events that we are covering and interviews that we may be doing live.

Finding Ask The Usher On The Internet

So let’s start with the sites that you can follow us and see what we are up to around the internet.


Ask The Usher on Twitter

We’ve been busy following some of the amazing entertainment venues etc. in North Wales from our Twitter account and it’s growing, it’s the perfect place for us to post out those quick snippets and exclusive photos, while we are at an event.

Follow us at @AskTheUsher


Ask The Usher on Facebook

It was an obvious choice to get on to Facebook, we are on there with our personal profiles, so having a Facebook page is perfect for some exclusives that people love to see.

You can like us on Facebook at


Ask The Usher on Instagram

Some of the big companies use Instagram these days and we’ve been watching the likes of Yahoo when they are posting up from live red carpet events, so why not do the same at some of the events we cover.

You can follow our Instagram at


Ask The Usher on Google+

Our sister site, Blazing Minds, already has a Google+ page, so adding one was really simple, this will be great for us when we are doing chats etc, which we are planning to do later this year.

Google+ is a brilliant place to be listed and unlike Twitter, we have verified our Google+ page, so you know it’s us.

You can find us on Google+ by Clicking Here

So there you have it folks, please follow us on the Social Networks above for loads of exclusive stuff coming your way 😉