A New Look for the Ask The Usher for 2017

Hi all, you may have noticed that the site was down for maintenance for a short while recently, this was so that we could revamp the site and make in run smoother, faster and give it a new look.

So now we are pleased to bring you the new look for the site, all the options and pages still have all the information for the events and we still have the “Submit an event” page for those of you who would like to get some free coverage of your event here on Ask The Usher.

We have also redesigned the front page to bring you the latest upcoming events, latest news and a new look calendar to show what events are on the way, you can move through the months, weeks and days from the calendar to look for events.

There are some further updates coming to the site throughout 2017, so please keep an eye on those. Thank you for supporting Ask The Usher and please enjoy the site.